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When my first-born child turned five, we bought her a bike for her birthday, and she loved to ride that thing everywhere. It wasn't too long before I bought a bike of my own so that I could keep up with her, and that's where my love for cycling began. My blog is all about bicycles. From sporting bikes to recreational ones, there is plenty to know about how to choose the right bike for you through to how to maintain it properly. I want to encourage others to get onto two wheels and head out to the fresh air, so I hope you find my blog posts informative and inspirational.

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5 Reasons Why Polyester is the Best Material for Custom Cycling Jerseys
5 November 2019

If you are thinking of ordering custom cycling jer

5 Reasons Why Polyester is the Best Material for Custom Cycling Jerseys

If you are thinking of ordering custom cycling jerseys for your club or team, you have a lot of choices to make. First of all, you need to come up with a design for your jerseys, which should incorporate the colours and logo of your cycling team or club. While design is important, the choice of material for your custom cycling jerseys is arguably even more important. Here are five reasons why you should strongly consider polyester for your team's new kit.

1. Polyester is Breathable

It is normal to get a bit sweaty when taking part in sports such as cycling. However, the amount of sweat an athlete produces can dramatically increase if they wear a non-breathable fabric. Many cyclists find it uncomfortable to be covered in sweat, so it is important to choose a breathable fabric like polyester to keep sweating to a minimum.

2. Polyester Dries Quickly

Cycling is typically an outdoor sport, so it is important that what the athletes wear can cope with all types of weather. Polyester dries quickly, which means that cyclists are not left soaking wet for the rest of their ride if they are caught in a rainstorm.

3. Polyester Holds Its Shape

Cyclists love to show off their club colours by wearing their custom cycling jerseys as often as they can. For this reason, it is important to choose a fabric that can stand up to frequent washing. Polyester holds its shape even when you wash it at a high temperature or put it through a dryer cycle. As a result, cycling club members can wear their custom jerseys over and over again before they need to replace them.

4. Polyester Offers Design Versatility

Polyester clothing comes in any colour you can imagine. The fabric holds dye well, which means that polyester cycling jerseys do not fade over time. Custom cycling jersey manufacturers can print a wide variety of designs onto their products, so there are no limits on your design choice.

5. Polyester Resists Wrinkling

When your team or club takes part in a cycling event, you want every member to look their best. Polyester cycling jerseys help to give your team a professional appearance as they do not wrinkle easily. Your team members can pull on their custom cycling jerseys in the morning, dash to the start line of a cycling event and have their clothing look smart and wrinkle-free.

For more information on custom cycling jerseys, contact a sporting goods store.